Research Paper Writing and Publication Help

Research Paper Writing and Publication Help

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Academic Research Paper Writing & Publication
What do we work with?
How to Implement?
JIF SNIP and Cite Score Labels
UGC Care/List Journal
Scopus Indexed Journals
Web of Science Journals
ABDC Journals
PUBMED Indexed Journal
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When you need help writing a Research Paper, it’s essential to find someone who will not only meet your deadlines but also make sure that the quality of your work meets the standards of academic institutions.

It can also be one of the most difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! A good research paper will help you understand complex theories and ideas while showing off your writer’s ability. At Aimlay, we ensure that every individual has access to all the resources needed to excel with their research papers. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality services to ensure that your work is published in reputable national and international indexed journals, and other scholarly works.

We are proud to offer publication services that have been recognized by reputable indexing bodies such as SCI, ABDC, UGC, SCOPUS and many more. Our commitment to quality and excellence has enabled us to achieve recognition from these prestigious organizations, giving you confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional publication services.

Academic Research Paper Writing and Publication Services

Our Research Paper Writing Services include:
  1. Research Paper Writing
  2. Thesis Preparation
  3. Dissertation Writing
  4. Help from Industry Experts
  5. Publication assistance into Reputed International Journals.

Our Hassle-Free Research Paper Publication Process:
  1. Submission of Proposal: The Researcher submits his Proposal and relevant materials.
  2. Editing of Proposal by Professional Editors: The editors review and edit the proposal for ensuring that it meets all the requirements for publication in a recognized journal.
  3. Recommendation on Journal Choice: We recommend appropriate Journals as per your Research.
  4. Submission of Research Paper/Article to Journal & Follow-up Actions: We submit your paper/article to selected journals & carry out follow-up actions, including submission of revised paper/article(s), based on reviewers’ comments. If the research article is accepted for publication, we update you about its publication date.

What Do We Work With?

We work with a wide range of National and International Indexed Journals across various fields:

  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Science & Social Sciences
  3. Medicine
  4. Engineering
  5. Technology

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the Research Paper Publication requirements of different journals and ensures that your work is tailored to meet those requirements.

Academic Indian Journals

  1. Indian journals
  2. Journals published by Indian universities and colleges
  3. Journals published by government organizations and research institutes in India

How to Implement?

The Journal Impact Factor (JIF) measures the average number of citations to recent articles published in journals. It is calculated by dividing the number of times a paper has been cited by three in any single year, with weighting applied to each citation count based on its quality.

The Journal Impact Factor (JIF) has been widely used as an indicator of research quality, but several criticisms have been leveled against it. It does not consider publication outlets other than journals (e.g., conferences), which makes it difficult to compare across disciplines or even within one discipline. It only considers citations from other papers within the same journal issue. It does not take into account whether those citations were for whole articles or just section headings/papers/etc.

JIF, SNIP and Cite Score Labels

  1. Journal Impact Factor (JIF): The Journal Impact Factor is a measure of the quality of a journal. It is calculated by dividing the number of citations in a particular year divided by the total number of citations for that year.
  2. SNIP: The Online First Posting Rate is another measure that shows how many papers have been published online as opposed to in print prior to being accepted for publication or sent out for peer review.
  3. Cite Score: Cite Score can be used as an indicator of how much attention your paper will receive once it has been published online or printed on paper, but this depends on what type of information you provide in your article and how well organized it is overall.

UGC Care Journal List

UGC has a list of journals that are considered to be of high quality. The list is called UGC Care Journal List and is updated annually by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This list can be found online at their website or on the net.

UGC has also created a database of journals that are considered to be of high quality. This database is called UGC Care Journal List and is updated annually by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Scopus Indexed Journals

Scopus is a bibliographic database containing abstracts and citations for academic research. Scopus has over 25 million records from 4,500 publishers, including 15,000 peer-reviewed journals. It covers all disciplines, including life sciences, engineering and technology; social sciences and humanities; mathematics education; physical sciences (including astronomy), chemistry and physics; biology/biomedicine/microbiology among others.

Scopus also provides access to full text articles through many partner journals covering specific subject areas such as business & management studies or public health.

Web of Science Journals

Web of Science (WOS) is an online citation indexing service. It indexes and abstracts more than 11,000 science and social science journals from more than 5,000 publishers. Clarivate Analytics, formerly Thomson Reuters produce WOS. The Web of Science database contains information about publications in the field of biology, including genetics; cell biology; zoology; botany etc., for both humans as well as animals such as birds or fishes. It also includes medical research articles related to diseases like cancer or heart disease, among others as well as mental health issues such as depression or anxiety disorders.

ABDC Journals

The ABDC Journal Quality List is a ranking of academic journals in business-related fields that is maintained by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC). The list is intended to provide guidance to researchers, universities, and research funding agencies in Australia and New Zealand on the quality and impact of journals in which they may wish to publish or use for evaluating research output.

The ABDC journal list ranks journals into four categories, A*, A, B, and C, based on a range of criteria, such as the rigor of the peer review process, citation analysis, editorial policies, and international diversity. Journals in the A* and A categories are considered to be of the highest quality, while those in the B and C categories are considered to be of lower quality. The ABDC journal list is updated every three years to ensure it reflects the latest developments in academic publishing.

It is worth noting that the ABDC journal list is specific to business-related fields, and researchers in other fields may use different journal ranking systems to evaluate the quality and impact of journals in their field.

PUBMED Indexed Journal

PubMed is a free online database maintained by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM), which contains over 32 million references to biomedical and life science journal articles. The PubMed Indexed Journals List is a list of journals indexed in the PubMed database.

The PubMed Journals List includes both open access and subscription-based journals, and covers a wide range of biomedical and life science fields, such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health, and veterinary science, among others. Journals are included in the list based on a range of criteria, including the quality and relevance of their content, the rigor of their peer review process, and their adherence to ethical publishing practices.

Researchers and health professionals use PubMed to search for articles and research studies relevant to their area of interest. By searching the PubMed database, users can access the full text of articles in many cases, as well as abstracts and citation information for articles that are not available in full text. The PubMed Journals List is a useful resource for researchers and health professionals to identify relevant journals in their field and stay up to date on the latest research findings.

Research Paper writing

Academic Writers Can Contact Us To Get Their Research Paper Published In High-Impact Journals.

If you have a research paper that needs to be published in a high impact journal, then we can help.

Our academic writers are highly qualified and experienced editors who will help you to improve your research paper so that it meets the standards of quality publications. They can also provide advice on which journals may be suitable for your work, as well as what type of format might be suitable for publication in those journals. The first step in the process is to get our academic writer to review your paper. They will provide you with feedback on any areas that need improving and let you know whether or not they think it would be suitable for publication in an academic journal. Once this has been done, if you decide to go ahead with us publishing your paper then we can start the process of getting it ready for submission.


We are always ready to help you with your research, we understand how tough it can become if you are a working professional or a very busy student who is unable to make time for his/her research paper. Contact us today and get all of your papers published in journals which have international impact.

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