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In today’s rapidly changing academic world, researchers and scholars are always searching for the most efficient and effective way to disseminate their research findings. SCI Indexed Journals are an essential part of every researcher’s life. They are the gateway to significant research work and provide a platform to disseminate research findings to a large audience. In this blog, we will discuss fast-publishing these journals in engineering, computer science, mathematics, and electrical engineering. We will also provide a list of these journals with an impact factor, and how to identify them. Moreover, we will highlight low-cost journals.

Fast Publishing SCI Indexed Journals in Engineering

In engineering, researchers face the challenge of disseminating their findings quickly before they become obsolete. Some of the popular fast publishing SCI indexed journals in Engineering include the IEEE Transactions on Power electronics, ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems, and IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. 

Here are some steps and considerations to help you identify such journals: 

  1. Identify Reputable Journals: Begin by identifying well-established journals in your specific engineering field. Look for journals that have a history of publishing high-quality research and are indexed in reputable databases like Web of Science or Scopus. These databases often categorize journals by subject area, making it easier to find relevant options. 
  2. Check the Journal’s Review Process: Investigate the journal’s peer-review process. Reputable journals typically have a rigorous peer-review system in place, which may take some time. However, they might offer expedited review options for an additional fee. 
  3. Consult Your Advisor or Colleagues: Seek advice from your academic advisor, mentors, or colleagues who have experience publishing in SCI-indexed engineering journals. They may have insights into journals that offer quicker publication timelines. 
  4. Review Journal Policies: Carefully review the journal’s policies regarding publication timelines. Some journals may prioritize faster publication for certain types of articles, such as short communications or letters. 
  5. Check for Article Processing Charges (APCs): Be aware of any publication fees associated with fast-publishing journals. Many open-access journals charge APCs, and some traditional journals offer expedited review for an additional fee. 
  6. Verify the Journal’s Inclusion in Databases: Ensure that the journal you choose is indexed in reputable databases like Web of Science or Scopus. This is important for the visibility and impact of your research. 
  7. Look for Journal Rankings: Some websites and organizations compile rankings of journals within specific fields. These rankings can help you identify journals that are respected in your area of engineering. 
  8. Read Past Articles: Review articles previously published in the journal to assess the quality and relevance of the research they publish. 
  9. Prepare a High-Quality Manuscript: Regardless of the journal’s publication speed, make sure your manuscript is well-written, thoroughly researched, and properly formatted. This will increase your chances of acceptance and expedite the publication process. 
  10. Consider Preprint Archives: If you need to share your research findings quickly, consider posting a preprint of your manuscript on platforms like arXiv or bioRxiv. Preprints allow you to share your work with the research community before formal peer review. 

Fast Publishing SCI Indexed Journals in Computer Science

In recent years, computer science has become a rapidly growing field, and researchers are always in search of fast publishing SCI Indexed Journals. Some of these popular journals include the IEEE Transactions on Big Data, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, and IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.

Fast Publishing SCI Indexed Journals in Mathematics

Mathematics is an essential discipline that has had a significant impact on all other fields of science. Fast publishing SCI indexed journals in mathematics include the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, and Journal of Mathematical Sciences.

Fast Publishing SCI Indexed Journals in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is an essential field that is always in demand. Some of the popular fast-publishing SCI indexed journals in Electrical Engineering include the IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, and IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology.

List of SCI Indexed Journals with Impact Factor

Impact factor is an essential metric used to evaluate journals’ quality. Here are some popular SCI-indexed journals with their impact factor: 

  1. Nature: 42.778 
  1. Science: 41.843 
  1. The Lancet: 59.102 
  1. New England Journal of Medicine: 74.699 
  1. Journal of the American Medical Association: 45.540 

SCI Indexed Journal List 2024

The journal list of SCI-indexed journals is updated every year. The 2024 list is yet to be released. However, researchers can refer to the 2022 list which provides a comprehensive list of these journals across different disciplines. 

  2. LANCET 
  6. Nature Medicine 
  7. Lancet Microbe 
  8. Nature Review Materials 
  9. Nature Biotechnology 
  10. Cell 

And many more… 

How to Identify SCI Indexed Journals?

Researchers can identify SCI-indexed journals using various databases such as Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar. These databases provide a comprehensive list of journals indexed by SCI. 

Identifying SCI-indexed journals (Science Citation Index) can be essential for researchers looking to publish their work in reputable and recognized scientific journals. Here’s how you can identify such journals: 

  1. Use Official DatabasesWeb of Science (WoS) is one of the most well-known databases that indexes SCI journals. You can search for journals by subject area and filter for SCI-indexed journals. 
  1. Check Journal Websites: Visit the official websites of journals you are interested in. They often mention if they are indexed in SCI or other reputable databases. 
  1. Use Publisher Websites: Many publishers maintain lists of journals they own or publish that are indexed in SCI or other major databases. Check the publisher’s website for this information. 
  1. Library Databases: University libraries often provide access to databases like WoS, which allow you to search for SCI-indexed journals. 
  1. Consult University Resources: Contact your university’s research support services or library staff for assistance in finding SCI-indexed journals in your field. 
  1. Ask Colleagues and Mentors: Reach out to colleagues, mentors, or professors in your field for recommendations. They may be familiar with reputable SCI-indexed journals. 
  1. Use Journal Citation Reports (JCR): JCR is a tool within WoS that provides impact factors and other metrics for journals. You can search for journals by subject category and see if they are included in JCR. 
  1. Online Journal Lists: Some websites curate lists of SCI-indexed journals by subject area or field. Examples include the “Master Journal List” by Clarivate Analytics (the company behind WoS) and other academic websites. 
  1. Check the Journal’s Manuscript Submission Guidelines: Most journals provide detailed information on manuscript submission guidelines on their websites. Look for references to indexing in SCI, WoS, or other major databases. 
  1. Read Articles in the Journal: Look for recent articles published in the journal to see if they cite other articles from SCI-indexed journals. This can be a clue that the journal itself is SCI-indexed. 
  1. Verify on Journal Selection Websites: Some universities and research organizations maintain lists of recommended SCI-indexed journals in specific fields. Check if your institution has such a resource. 
  1. Contact Journal Editors or Editorial Boards: If in doubt, you can contact the journal’s editorial office or editors to inquire about their indexing status. 


Low Cost SCI Indexed Journals

Researchers, especially students, often look for low cost SCI indexed journals to publish their research work. Here are some low-cost SCI-indexed journals that provide an excellent platform for publishing high-quality research: 

  1. Journal of Applied Science and Engineering – $100 
  1. Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science – $100 
  1. Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering – $200 
  1. International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering – $159 
  1. Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering – $100 


SCI Indexed Journals play a significant role in the academic and scientific community by providing a reliable platform for publishing high-quality research. These journals not only enhance the visibility of scholarly work but also contribute to the advancement of knowledge in various fields. Researchers and academics should continue to prioritize publishing in SCI indexed journals to ensure the dissemination of their findings to a global audience and foster collaboration among peers. 

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