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UGC Care Journals

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Unique Aspects of UGC Care
UGC Care List for Engineering 2023
Publication Benefits of UGC Care Journals
Basic Protocols for UGC Care Writing and Publishing


Publishing research papers in reputed journals is essential for engineering scholars’ academic and professional growth. This blog post will provide information about the UGC Care Journal list for Engineering in 2023.  

UGC CARE’s unique approach to promoting quality research through a curated list of reputable journals, collaboration with publishers, and continuous evaluation ensures that Indian researchers have access to a pool of trusted publishing outlets for their scholarly work. By publishing in UGC Care Listed journals, researchers can enhance their credibility & visibility and contribute to the overall growth of the academic research landscape. 

Some Unique Aspects of UGC Care: 

UGC CARE (Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics) ensures the authenticity of predatory journal searches in India. Here are some unique aspects of UGC CARE: 

  1. Quality Assurance: UGC CARE aims to maintain high-quality standards in academic research by approving and listing journals that meet specific criteria. This includes rigorous peer-review processes, adherence to ethical guidelines, and maintaining a reputable scholarly publishing track record. 
  1. Research Visibility: By publishing in UGC CARE-listed journals, researchers can enhance the visibility and reach of their work. These journals are often indexed in major academic databases, such as Scopus and Web of Science, which increases the chances of their research being discovered and cited by other scholars worldwide. 
  1. Avoidance of Predatory Journals: UGC CARE provides a reliable resource to help researchers distinguish between legitimate journals and predatory ones. Predatory journals often engage in unethical practices, such as charging exorbitant publication fees without adequate peer review or editorial services. By consulting the UGC Care Journals list, researchers can ensure that they submit their work to trusted and authentic journals. 
  1. Continuous Evaluation: The UGC CARE list undergoes regular evaluation and updating. The consortium reviews and revises the list periodically based on feedback from the academic community and changes in the publishing landscape. This ensures that the approved journal list remains relevant and upholds the highest standards of scholarly publishing. 
  1. Collaboration with Publishers: UGC CARE collaborates with publishers to promote ethical publishing practices and educate researchers about the importance of publishing in reputable journals. This collaboration helps create a thriving research ecosystem in India and fosters a culture of academic integrity. 
  1. Encouraging Multidisciplinary Research: UGC CARE acknowledges and supports multidisciplinary research by listing journals from diverse fields. This provides researchers with a wide range of options to publish their work, regardless of their area of specialisation. 

UGC Care Journals List for Engineering 2023: 

  1. The UGC (University Grants Commission) periodically updates and publishes care journal lists for various fields of study, including engineering. This list serves as a valuable resource for researchers and scholars. 
  2. The UGC Care Journals list for Engineering 2023 includes prestigious national and international journals that maintain high standards of quality and research ethics. 
  3. Researchers and scholars are advised to consult the UGC Care journal list to ensure their chosen journal is recognised and reputable. 

These Are Some Parts of The UGC Care List For Engineering: 

  1. ACS Nano. 
  2. Ceramics International. 
  3. International Journal of Building Performance Simulation. 
  4. Arabian journal for science and engineering. 
  5. International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology. 
  6. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 
  7. IETE journal of research. 

UGC Care Journals

Benefits of Publishing in UGC Care Journals: 

  1. Enhance Credibility: Publishing in UGC Care Journals adds credibility and authenticity to your research work, as these journals are known for rigorous peer review processes and adherence to high-quality standards. 
  2. Visibility and Reach: UGC Care Journals often have a wide readership and are indexed in reputed databases, increasing the visibility and reach of your research to a global audience. 
  3. Career Advancement: Publications in UGC Care Journals are valued by academic and industry professionals, contributing to career advancement opportunities such as promotions, grants, and collaborations. 
  4. Networking: Publishing in these journals can facilitate connections with other researchers and professionals in your field, opening doors for collaborations and future research possibilities. 
  5. Recognition and Reputation: Publications in these Journals contribute to building your professional reputation and recognition among peers in the engineering community. 

What Are Some Basic Protocols For UGC Care Writing and Publishing? 

UGC CARE provides several protocols for writing and publishing research work. These protocols are designed to ensure that the content published in journals listed under UGC CARE meets high-quality standards and is authentic. Here are some of the protocols set by UGC CARE: 

  1. Avoid Plagiarism: All research work submitted for publication should be original and plagiarism-free. Authors should use appropriate citation styles and acknowledge all sources. 
  2. Follow Ethical Guidelines: Authors must adhere to all ethical guidelines while conducting research, including obtaining necessary permissions, protecting of human and animal rights, and avoiding conflicts of interest. 
  3. Use Suitable Language and Formatting: Writing should be clear, concise, and error-free. Authors should use appropriate formatting, language, and terminology specific to their field. 
  4. Adhere to Structured Publishing Process: Authors should follow the structured publishing process outlined by the journals, including submitting their work through a dedicated platform and following the editorial and peer review process. 
  5. Comply with Journal Policies: Authors should carefully review the journal’s policies before submitting their work. This includes guidelines on word count, formatting requirements, authorship criteria, and publication fees. 
  6. Avoid Predatory Journals: Authors should consult the UGC CARE list of approved journals and avoid predatory journals that engage in unethical practices. 


Publishing your research in UGC Care Journals is highly beneficial for engineering scholars. It enhances credibility, visibility, and career opportunities. Consult the UGC Care Journals list for Engineering 2023 to choose the right journal for your research. Additionally, consider impact factors and publication charges while selecting a journal. Happy publishing!

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