Everything to Know about the UGC Care Journal 2024

The UGC Care (Consortium for Academic Research and Ethics) journal list is a comprehensive list of academic journals curated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in India. The UGC Care Journal list was established to provide a reference for researchers, scholars, and faculty members in identifying credible and recognized journals for publishing their research work. The UGC Care list journals categorize journals into different groups based on their quality and impact, such as Group A, Group B, and so on. Journals listed under UGC Care list journals are considered for various academic purposes, including faculty promotions, research evaluations, and funding considerations. Researchers need to refer to the UGC Care list of journals while selecting journals for publication to ensure their work appears in reputable and recognized outlets.

Introduction to UGC Care Journals in India

The UGC Care Journal list is a quarterly publication of the Health Ministry, published in English and Hindi. It was launched on 14th December 2017 by Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare Anbumani Ramadoss, who said promoting awareness among people about health issues and their treatment at home would be essential. 

The journal contains articles on various aspects of health care management, such as prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services provided by different departments under central government ministries, including Ayush (Ayurvedic), Lok Ayukta (Law Commission), Central Board Of Secondary Education Board etc., along with information related to other areas like public finance management etc. 

Kind of Publications

The UGC Care Journals is a publication of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It is published twice a year, once in English and another in Hindi. It is published by the Health Ministry of India, meaning it is meant for doctors and researchers working in public health care centers around the country. 

The UGC Care Journals aims to promote the health care profession through public outreach activities such as publishing articles online. 

The journal publishes articles on patient care, medical education and clinical research topics. The journal also provides a forum for discussion among researchers in their field of expertise. 

What are Clinical Research topics?

Clinical research encompasses a broad range of healthcare and medical treatment topics. Here are some examples of clinical research topics:

  1. Clinical Trials: Investigating the effectiveness and safety of new drugs, therapies, or medical interventions.
  2. Disease Prevention and Screening: Studying strategies and methods for early detection and prevention of diseases, such as cancer screening or vaccination programs. 
  3. Epidemiology Studies: Examining the distribution, causes, and patterns of diseases in specific populations.
  4. Diagnostic Methods: Evaluating new diagnostic techniques or tools for identifying diseases or conditions. 
  5. Treatment Modalities: Assessing the efficacy and outcomes of different treatment approaches for specific diseases or conditions. 

Main Aim of Journal Publishing

The journal aims to promote the healthcare profession through public outreach activities such as online publishing. 

The UGC Care Journals is a publication of the University Grants Commission (UGC), India’s apex body for higher education in India. The journal publishes articles on patient care, medical education, and clinical research topics. 

The UGC Care Journal Issue

The UGC Care List Journals will publish 30 issues annually from March 15 through April 15. The journal is published online by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi. 

The first issue was published in February 2019, with subsequent issues coming out monthly thereafter until May 2020, when it stopped publishing new issues due to a lack of demand among doctors who use it as a tool for patient care or research purposes.

General Steps Authors Should Find

Authors who are interested in submitting their articles to the UGC Care journals can follow these general steps: 

  1. Identify Suitable Journals: Explore the  UGC Care list Journals to find journals that align with your research’s subject area and scope. Consider factors such as the journal’s impact factor, indexing, peer-review process, and relevance to your research topic. 
  2. Read Author Guidelines: Visit the selected journal(s) website and carefully read their author guidelines. These guidelines provide instructions on manuscript formatting, citation style, word limits, and other specific requirements.
  3. Prepare Your Manuscript: Format your manuscript according to the journal’s guidelines. Consider sections like abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. Ensure your work adheres to ethical guidelines, including plagiarism checks and compliance with research ethics. 
  4. Submit Your Manuscript: Most journals provide an online submission system. Follow the instructions to create an account, fill in the required details, and upload your manuscript and any additional documents like a cover letter, copyright forms, or supplementary material. 
  5. Pay Attention to the Review Process: After submission, your manuscript will undergo a peer-review process. Reviewers will evaluate the quality, originality, and relevance of your work. Address any reviewer comments or suggestions during the revision process. 
  6. Revise and Resubmit: If your manuscript receives revisions or significant changes are requested, carefully address the reviewer’s comments and revise your manuscript accordingly. Make sure to highlight the changes made in your response to reviewers. 
  7. Copyright and Permissions: If your manuscript gets accepted, you may need to sign a copyright agreement and obtain permission for any copyrighted material used in your work, such as figures, tables, or excerpts from other publications. 
  8. Proofreading and Final Submission: Before submitting the final version in  UGC Care list Journals, proofread your manuscript for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors. Make necessary corrections and ensure that all figures, tables, and references are cited accurately. 

It Is Worth Getting Involved

The UGC Care list Journals is a great way to get your work published. It’s also an excellent way to get your work published in India. If you want to present your paper and get it accepted, consider submitting it for publication in this journal! 

The journal was established in 2005 and publishes papers dealing with urology care and management across all medicine and nursing care specialties. 


I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the UGC Care list Journals, and I also hope that it has helped you get a better understanding of this essential publication. Check the UGC care journals with utmost attention to get your research work published successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, UGC CARE journals cover a wide range of instructional subjects, along with science, generation, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and greater. Researchers from numerous fields can find suitable journals within the UGC CARE List. 

No, it is generally taken into consideration to post the same manuscript to multiple journals simultaneously. It is critical to look ahead to a decision from one journal earlier than filing to any other. 

The standards for a journal to be published in the UGC CARE List encompass peer assessment, moral publishing practices, educational contribution, and adherence to quality standards. Journals ought to meet those criteria to be considered for inclusion.

The UGC CARE List is up to date periodically to include new journals that meet the standards and to get rid of those who do not adhere to the requirements. It is recommended to frequently take a look at the UGC CARE internet site for the most current list. 


The charges for publishing in a UGC CARE magazine vary depending on the unique journal. Some journals may also price a book rate, whilst others is probably free

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