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A research paper is a type of academic writing that educates about analysis, interpretations, findings and insights from the research independently. It is quite a long piece of writing based on various Research Paper Topics. Multitudinous research paper topics baffle researchers. In this blog, we will talk about how to choose these research paper topics and other things.

What are Research Paper Topics? 

Research paper topics are the subjects, issues, cases, or investigations on which a scholar or researcher does the research to make an academic research paper. These papers are prominent for researchers and scholars. With the help of appropriate research paper topics, one can get an in-depth knowledge about the matter. 

How to Select Research Paper Topics? 

Choosing research paper topics could be challenging as there are an ample number of topics and they are amplifying with the passing time. The whole research work revolves around the research paper topics. It is very important for a researcher/scholar to choose a top-notched topic that holds value in the field of research. 

Understanding Research Paper topics and choosing them correctly is what makes a research paper unique. Now, let us understand how to choose appropriate research paper topics. 

Read various research paper Topics 

Read about various topics and various research works that are already been done. After scrutinising them, generate your field of interest. Work done without any interest is mundane. 

Go further according to your interest

After identifying your field of interest, read the articles, journals and research works that have already been done on the topic decided. 

Conduct primary research

Explore your area of interest by doing primary research. The primary research helps you to know the sources from where you can seek help. Having an interest is not enough, the resources are also essential to conduct research and choosing appropriate research paper topics.  

Conduct secondary research

After conducting primary research, go further with secondary research. It includes talking to advisors, professors or people of knowledge. It helps to elevate your knowledge, therefore, helping you in choosing the correct research paper topics. 

Selection of subtopics

After choosing the main topic, create an outline with appropriate subheadings. Generate your notion on these subtopics. Give different perspectives and angles to your research paper topics. 

Finally, you are done! 

Once you have done these things, and you feel the same interest as that was during the start then it’s time for you to finalize your topic.  Choosing research paper topics is hard when you cannot find your area of interest. Half of your hectic work is done once your topic is finalized. 

Fields of Research Paper Topics  

There are various subjects from which one can choose the best research paper topics  

  1. Engineering – A research paper on engineering is a paper that is written by scholars, scientists and professionals. It has a wide scope in the research field of engineering. If one is interested, then they should take guidance from the concerned persons  
  1. Medical – A medical research paper is a document that talks about the findings, researchers and insights in the field of science/medicines. 
  1. Computer science engineering – The research paper on computer science engineering highlights all the original work conducted in the field of CSE. 
  1. Educational technology – It talks about the research and insights that contribute to learning techniques, impacts on teaching and all other educational outcomes. 
  1. Law – This research paper explores specific topics in the field of law. It gives the researcher about the practical life experiences 
  1. Literature – Literature research paper publication educates about the acquisition of knowledge with a specific research topic. It bridges the findings on existing literature. It makes people conversant about the insights of the research done.  
  1. Humanities – this includes all those subjects of arts like political science, history, geography etc. It talks about the insights and findings in the respective field. 
  2. Commerce – It indicates all the findings on management, investments, findings and other business-related topics  

 Research Paper Topic

Examples of Research Paper Topics  

To become crystal clear, we have listed down a few examples of research paper topics.  

  1. Engineering  
  • Assessing the feasibility of identifying the ideal substrate parameters for India’s sustainable green buildings  
  • A machine- learning based Nano- biosensing study on cancer diagnosis and loT applications  
  1. Medical  
  • Impact of menopause on urinary incontinence and overactive bladder: risk factors and management approaches  
  • Impact on the genetic diversity of Animal populations on A global scale: role of climate and biogeography  
  • Mental health: nursing capability development: following a career in practicum experience  
  • Nanotechnology as a potential method for combating multi-drug resistant bacteria  
  • Recent research on biochemical pharmacology and drug discovery: a review  
  • Perspective on orthopedic implants in interface of bone and cartilages  
  • Maternal and child health problems, preventions and services. 
  • Role of clinical pharmacist in prevention of drug-induced acute lung injury. 
  1. Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
  • Digital image and video processing: algorithms and applications 
  • Analyzing the performance of programming languages in cryptographic and computer vision applications  
  • Big data analysis: presenting security and privacy with hybrid cloud computing environment  
  • IOT attack detection and prevention through machine learning system. 
  1. Science  
  • Pollution effects on forest ecosystems: insights from environmental zoology and ecology  
  • Exploring the relationship between biodiversity and pollution in natural history studies  
  • Assessment of nanoparticles and their therapeutic applications in pharmacy  
  • Pollution effects on forest ecosystem: insights from environments from environmental zoology and ecology  
  • Exploring the relationship between biodiversity and pollution in natural history studies 
  1. Education and psychology  
  • Impact of cognitive development and social emotional learning in workplace. 
  • The role of psychological association between well-being and human behavior. 
  1. Law (criminal law)  
  • The role of precedent in shaping criminal law: A critical analysis. 
  1. Science  
  • Pollution effects.
  • On forest ecosystem: Insights from environmental zoology and ecology. 
  • Exploring the relationship between biodiversity and pollution in natural history studies. 
  1. Literature  
  • Impact of literature on moral and ethical perspectives.  
  1. Humanities  
  • Impact of globalization on the creation of A Hybrid culture: A psycho- social perspective 
  1. Commerce  
  • Finance big data:  management and analysis using applied mathematics and differential equations 


Research paper topics help you to conduct good research with impactful insights and research. There are multiple research paper topics that help a researcher to conduct proper research. Research paper topics can be selected from various subjects like science, commerce, humanities etc. 

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